About Us

Financial Objectives

Target double digit annualized gross return to our investors.

Maximize founder and shareholder value for our client companies by minimizing dilution and maximizing valuation


Business Philosophy

ENSYS believes that the financial objectives of our investors/partners are best achieved by targeting portfolio companies seeking capital and advisory services to scale and accelerate the development of proven business models.

ENSYS believes that our success must be tied to the financial success of our investment partners. ENSYS only receives a financial return (Management Fee) after Investors have received a full return of principal.

ENSYS management fees are based on a pro rata share of the total realized return generated from our portfolio companies (no fixed management fees).

ENSYS actively invests with our partners in portfolio companies.


Investment Criteria

  • Companies seeking financing in the range of $1.0 - $5.0 million
  • Companies with preferred stock investment opportunity
  • Companies with sitting management teams possessing recognized experience in the core industry segment.
  • Companies that have a proven product, existing customers (revenue streams) and at least one full year of operation.


Operating Strategy

  • ENSYS establishes board representation with each of its portfolio companies.
  • Investors fund specific investments tailored to their own needs and objectives, utilizing ENSYS to provide due diligence.
  • ENSYS provides timely and detailed communications regarding asset performance and progress towards the targeted liquidity event.
  • ENSYS actively works with portfolio company management teams to support their efforts to achieve overall financial success.


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